Life in the 21th Century is going forward so fast that it's hard for someone like me ( born in 30th decade of the 21th century) to get ahead fast enough.

During the TV show which I started in 2002 and specialy the shows I performed in 2005 on Pars TV against religous fanaticism, there had been so many times that i have been asked from my fans to have my own website so that in case of termination of TV activities(Like the time that occured in  Azadi TV) this woud be a mean of comunication that I could have also continue connecting with them through the internet.

To be honest, two things were  preventing me to do so ; The first was for me to find a person to trust and give all of my permission to him/her so that the web site would stand on its own fit , and the other was to have the money for 5 and 6 month of paying in advance  for this site  to be run in the best way  it could be.

Luckily the first problme went away and one Iranian friend helped me and told me that if there would be any problme in this way, he would do the best  he can.

Then I started with a nice patriot Iranian whom I couldn't do anything without his help. I hope I would have gotten all the help from you Iranian people that think like me in this way